Volunteer Pastilles, LLC
Focused on the little things.
Volunteer Pastilles, LLC

Our world is pastilles.  Forming premium pastilles is what we do.  That’s all we do.  One by one, we concentrate on each pastille.  Its size, shape, consistency, temperature, humidity level, everything.  Until you’re satisfied. 

We know what we’re doing.  We’ve been creating pastilles for the past 10 years.  That level of expertise, single-focus and competence allows us to be very efficient with our time and equipment.  That results in savings for you. 

We appreciate every customer.  We’re a small business and our customers are like family.  Your needs and concerns drive us.  We’re responsive, reliable, flexible and determined to deliver outstanding service.  Your business won’t ever slip through a crack. 

So if you need pastilles, contact us today.  We’ll focus on your little things.

Our mission is to provide safe, environmentally friendly, and cost effective pastillating service to our customers in a spirit of partnership and constant improvement.
Two locations to serve your toll pastillating needs:

Dayton, Tennessee

     Lake Charles, Louisiana
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